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The Immersion Screenwriting course doesn't teach you theory, but instead helps you take action. You will be your own mentor, and all we do is give you a framework to deliver results.

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What students are saying

  • It was a huge creative boost for me and has kept me interested in writing for a prolonged period of time.

    Emma Wilson
  • The speed of the Immersion course teaches time management and commitment to writing. I have really enjoyed it. Thank you Karel!”

    Jo Bellew
  • By simply being able to quickly tell a story as a by-product, this course is useful for everyone.

    Liam Curtin
  • I decided to put all my trust in your course and you as the “executive osmosis guide” in scriptwriting. It was worth it. The system works and I feel I’m building a rock solid base.

    Cathinka Brustad
  • Learning of fundamentals without even noticing – increased awareness of elements and increased proficiency in synopsis and logline.

    John Spellman
  • There is no better way to learn than to read — and to do so with enough awareness to write a synopsis ensures that we aren’t just skimming.

    Tyghe Douglas Deerfield
  • This course has helped me immensely.  I have a better understanding of character development and story structure.

    Tom Bussineau
  • If you want to be a master painter then it helps to try and reproduce the paintings of masters. The same applies to screenwriting. Only by reading the best screenplays will you fully understand what you are really aspiring to.

    David Gould
  • It’s an excellent method for learning about screenwriting. For those using the course to further their existing skills or to establish better habits, it can re-ignite their passion.

    Catherine McClintock
  • I didn’t know where to start or how to proceed in studying scripts.  This course provided me the opportunity to experience and write my first script.  Moreover, I met wonderful people in this group, from all over the world.  Thank you, Karel, for your dedication and perseverance.  I am looking forward to the next course.

    Belta Straughn
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Immersion Screenwriting

36 Lessons in $1,499.00 $499.00

This screenwriting self-course is all about taking action. You will have to write a lot, without a mentor holding your hand, minimal feedback, and no theory. It is tough, and requires persistence, but learning the craft organically guarantees the deepest, and lasting understanding.

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Marketing for Screenwriters

4 Lessons in $499.00 $149.00

Screenwriters are not by nature strong marketeers. They are not the best at selling their screenplays, and they certainly struggle selling themselves. In order to be successful, you need to become the very best – at both. This course helps you train those muscles.

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Write & Market The Web Series

25 Lessons $499.00 $149.00

Get into the hottest screenwriting format. Learn, watch and understand, then write. This online self-course gives you an insight into the origins, the trends and the genres of web series. Finally, you will also learn how to finance and sell your web series to the market.

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